Amazingly Amazing

"I am me. Never again will i be the woman i was yesterday. & the woman i will become tomorrow is new still. " -Amazingly.Amazing.

Grad Student = TCU Horned Frog. Daughter of THE KING. California Native. Professional in finding her own path. Not your ordinary sorority girl, but apart of the PHirst & the PHinest. A DIAMOND in the rough but i shine with the best. Walking in GOD's shadow.

I got offered a full time job today at the place where I’ve been interning for the past 3 months.

and after 2 interviews, I graciously accepted their offer.

You are now looking at the new Education Program Coordinator at a nationally recognized non-prof org.

::all smiles::

::carry on with your presidential celebrations::

  1. inmyhead16 said: Congratulations love♥♥ Proud of you. We turning up when Tina & I come to Texas!!
  2. my-d1vineright said: Congrats!!
  3. tina-rose said: Celebration is in order!!!
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